1. I wrote this song over a year ago and recorded it the other day… ‘January’… The curse as it lifts, is this a new freedom?
    Come from our mothers, our concrete kingdoms,
    They fade away, it’s all forgiven.

    A thought I fear most is losing another,
    A loneliness, aren’t we sisters and brothers
    It’s all I’m seeking, could your answers be whispers?
    Should I just listen harder?

    I see it clearly as we lean on each other,
    An expression of love, all from the father,
    I’m moved to a deed, and dependent on more than life.

    Watch as the light draws in.


  2. A song I wrote with Becca Fleming ‘Taking Control’


  3. Mine and Kevin Smith’s song ‘A Moment More’


  4. Last night at The Fox & Hound


  5. @kevinsssmith and I are recording a new song.



  7. A song I wrote and recorded for the wedding of my friends Joel & Carly.

    Take your memories
    All that the world would never hear
    Her heartbeat against yours
    Together the journey seems so clear

    Don’t give up on hope
    Or see a day go by
    Don’t let the sun go down on anger

    It’s the way, you respond
    In the storm, with your heart, in your love

    From this day forward,
    Love as to love, and watch the sun rising
    And know this is forever
    and that your love is strong

    It’s the way, you respond
    In the pain, in the joy, in your love


  8. Little video about later!


  9. 5pm at R&Rs, Croydon - TODAY!

    I’ll be joining hundreds of other musicians to play at Croydon’s Oxfam music festival, Oxjam, tonight, 5pm at R&Rs, Croydon… Come to Croydon today to support Oxfam by listening to some great music at loads of different venues in the area… 


  10. Cake on a record player at The Brook. Last minute acoustic gig.


  11. Making music = a fun day off!


  12. Some of my songs.



  14. Got a chorus and intro to this new song.


  15. Autumn arrives.