community + love

There is an inherent need to connect with people, to share with people and to love people on a deeper basis than a ‘hello’ and ‘I’m okay’. It is why Facebook has become the biggest social media platform since - ever, and why in our worlds that are torn and broken and messy, that we find meeting together in our homes, pubs and coffee shops so essential. For most of us reading, we live in a society that consumes, that builds fences around our houses and spikes where the homeless could take shelter; but we are all longing for more, we all know that this isn’t the way we want our world to be. You don’t even need to have much of a faith to see that things are inherently wrong with the way this world operates - from the elite bankers to the destitute, both suffering in different ways, but maybe on a deeper level, the same. 

Everyone really needs a community, an extended family; a place to share all of their life, rest their heads and open up their hearts. This may be your biological extended family, your potential family or your church, but it is in this place we begin to discover meaning and purpose. Whatever you think about Jesus, one of the biggest things I love about him, is how he told us to ‘love one another’; if anyone takes anything from anything they’ve heard about Jesus, don’t you think that is the best advice to live your life by? 

Think about how many of our problems would be solved if we listened to that advice and put it into practise on a daily basis? What if the world and its leaders listened to that too? I’m sure it would be easy for any of us to look at news today and find a story of how someone’s decision not to love has had a disastrous affect on someone else’s life. 

Isn’t it incredible though how there is redemption, no matter what we believe - there’s a chance for you to be different tomorrow - to love someone you have chosen not to love.

Isn’t it incredible though to think that today, there’s the potential for you to be part of a community you can be fully alive in. 

red house painters + sun kil moon + koz

I’ve decided to start blogging again, and this time, instead of just linking instagram and soundcloud to my tumblr every few months, I’ll actually be writing things and opinions about stuff that I’m interested in. I don’t really care too much if anyone reads this or not, but thought it was about time I get back into writing some stuff - aside from songs. If you want to listen to them, you can on my soundcloud

So anyway, I want to write about how I’ve fallen head over heals in love with the music of Mark Kozelek. I want to give a massive shout out to my friend Russ who, after I told him I thought Sting had the best singing voice in the world, he replied that he’d choose Koz ‘anyday’. I had no idea who this Koz guy was, but Russ described his voice ‘like a dust covered cello’, so sounded important enough to check out. 

In the 90’s Koz (as he has now become affectionately known), was part of an alt-rock outfit named Red House Painters. They were pretty big and released an extensive amount of material over their 12 year journey. Since 2001 Kozelek has been writing under the moniker Sun Kil Moon, a play on words of the Chinese boxer Moon Sung-Kil.

I actually listened to Sun Kil Moon’s latest album Benji on Spotify a few months back, thought it was charming, and then got distracted and never went back to it. When Russ re-introduced me properly, Lonely Mountain off the Among the Leaves record was the first song I clicked on (below). I haven’t even had a chance to listen to all of Red House Painters (let alone all of Sun Kill Moon’s) material, but according to Russ, the Mark Kozelek fandom were really confused by the change of sound in the Among the Leaves album. So far, I am in love with every little line of his - all the stories, like a stream of consciousness, or personal journal, accompanied by his skilled hands and although his voice is not as note perfect as Sting’s, his voice is just infectious - I want to listen again and again, all day long.   

That’s all I’m pretty much gonna say now because I just think you should go and listen to his music… This is Lonely Mountain …